Atlas: My Origin (About Me)

I am only 23 years old and yet I relate to Atlas who becomes sentenced to an awful punishment. Holding up the Heavens to keep them separated from the Earth. Granted this is not the worst punishment anyone in Greek Mythology has received but it is still pretty brutal. I could never imagine having the weight of the heavens only shoulders and yet, I still try. I have been trying to hold so much weight for all of my life. I am tired. I am drained. I am exhausted. Why is his punishment so significant to me? There are a few myths that stem from Atlas but the one most people know best is that Atlas fought against the Olympians as a Titan. The Titans lost against Zeus and were banished to Tartarus, which is basically todays version of Hell. Except Atlas, who was put in-between Heaven and Earth, which to me resembles purgatory (which I do not believe in). There are also stories of Hercules coming and spending time holding up the Heavens, because of his strength. Atlas in return did some

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