Original Poem: Spiritual Warfare

Dark rooms have become unsettling.
My thoughts race and my hands start trembling.
I see into the spirit realm just a few times
and now I cannot get the images out of my mind.

I saw them and they took over my space.
I spoke to them to put them into their place.
I told them God is so much bigger.
I felt the Lord draw me nearer.

New locations freak me out.
I never know what evil has walked around.
The bright red demon I saw in that room.
I will never forget that afternoon.

The images burned into my brain.
Jesus, why did You let me see it that way?
"I have given you a gift not many people have.
So please use discernment and listen to my Dad.

I need you to pray these demons away.
I know it is scary but you will be okay.
The Trinity is with you every step
but if We leave your line of sight things will become unkept."

"This is beyond me." I screamed in prayer.
"My biggest fear is what is in there.
I do not know what evil hides in the dark.
But I will trust You for Your will is not stark.

I will listen to Your every word
for You have already won this war.
This is merely a battle of my mind
to gain more trust in Your divine."

This evil I feel almost every day
has taken some of my joy away.
I will be obedient and trust in the Lord
and then I will receive my reward.

His will is for me to see this evil.
So I will use it to remind His people
that this world is not as perfect as it could be.
And that is simply due to Adam and Eve.

There is evil we cannot not see
and believe me, it is as bad as you can think it to be.
I am learning more about spiritual warfare every day.
And I will continue to gain wisdom about it in anyway.