Atlas: My Origin (About Me)

I am only 23 years old and yet I relate to Atlas who becomes sentenced to an awful punishment. Holding up the Heavens to keep them separated from the Earth. Granted this is not the worst punishment anyone in Greek Mythology has received but it is still pretty brutal. I could never imagine having the weight of the heavens only shoulders and yet, I still try. I have been trying to hold so much weight for all of my life. I am tired. I am drained. I am exhausted.

Why is his punishment so significant to me?
There are a few myths that stem from Atlas but the one most people know best is that Atlas fought against the Olympians as a Titan. The Titans lost against Zeus and were banished to Tartarus, which is basically todays version of Hell. Except Atlas, who was put in-between Heaven and Earth, which to me resembles purgatory (which I do not believe in). There are also stories of Hercules coming and spending time holding up the Heavens, because of his strength. Atlas in return did some favors for Hercules but that is another story for another time.

How does it relate to my life?
This might be a big stretch.
I have been Christian for all of my life and boy has it been a journey. I have views and opinions that might seem very liberal. I have experiences that have made me dislike the church. I have met Christians that have made me not want to identify with the religion and I hope to unpack a lot of it as this blog continues and also as I gain more knowledge with the Bible.

My Christian journey has been full of every emotion you can think of. But this post is to briefly highlight forgiveness. If you know me personally, you know how big I am on forgiveness and love. I will forgive someone in a heartbeat, maybe even quicker than that.
No, Zeus did not forgive but Atlas also was not just condemned to Tartarus like everyone else. I am not sure which would have been the easiest punishment to live through but Atlas still got to be in the world. I am sure he saw so many things as he got to look into Heaven and Earth which is better than just rotting in exile.

I have made so many mistakes and have sinned so much that I should be punished to rot in exile; Hell. I should be condemned to burn eternally. Like Atlas, I have fought against a high and mighty power but - unlike Zeus - with God I am still loved and cared about. Many people do not know this but I fought against God for most of my college career, then I got over myself and submitted. I actually turned my back so hard in college, I should have gotten whiplash. Even when I recently moved to Massachusetts I fought against Him to enjoy worldly pleasures until very recently.

With all of this, God has forgiven me. He tells me that I am His, I am forgiven, I will be with Him in eternity. I am living proof of Gods grace and mercy. Boy, do I have a lot of stories to tell. He has given me the power of compassion and empathy. He has given me the wanting to teach from all the experiences I have and still face. He has given me a spirit of worship that is much bigger than I can even see in this moment, I know it will be revealed as I grow older and gain wisdom. There are so many mysteries He has implanted in me that I become aware of as I grow.

I have so much of my testimony to share. I know I am being called to be transparent. I hope those who read my posts understand that they are not alone. That it is okay to question but it is not okay to just give up. That it is okay to be imperfect but it is not okay to not strive for better. That it is okay to make mistakes but it is not okay to not learn from them. That God will actually take ash and turn it into the most beautiful creation you will ever see. God has been showing us this since the beginning of time. The New Testament is full of imperfect people being used to fulfill prophecy, just look at the lives of the twelve apostles before they met Jesus.